Engineered Rotary Unions and Swivels 

Omega Seals was established by Professional Engineer in the year 1985. The operations began with manufacture of quality Mechanical Seals and Systems.

Having gained expertise in the field of Dynamic Shaft Sealing, Omega Seals diversified in to the field of Precision Rotary Unions and Rotary Swivel Joints.

The product-range includes Mono-Flow, Dual-Flow and Multi-Passage Rotary Unions for Air, Water, Steam, Hot-Oil, Hydraulic Oils, Machine-Tool Coolants, Vacuum and other Media. The wide product-range is further complemented with Rotary Swivels for hydraulic and Pneumatic duty.

Rotary Unions and Swivels are available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, and Exotic Materials of Constructions such as Alloy-20, Hast Alloy-C, Titanium for Rotor, Housing-hardware and Carbon, Silicon-Carbide, Ceramic, Tungsten-Carbide and others for Seal-Face materials. Viton, PTFE, Silicon-Rubber, PU etc. are used as Secondary Seals.

Apart from standard Rotary Unions for diverse applications, Omega Seals specializes in Design and Development of Custom-Built and Extra-large Rotary Unions and Rotary Swivel Joints to suit specific customer-needs.

Omega Rotary Unions find extensive use in Steel, Engineering, Marine, Automobiles, Machine-tools, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Paper, Laminates, Printing, Packaging, Textile, Polyester, Polymers, Wind-Power, OEMs and others.

With a well-equipped Design and Manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India, Omega Seals is catering to the requirements of Precision Rotary Unions, Rotary swivels and allied precision engineered products to diverse Industries in India and the Export market.